Its been a long time since I’ve posted and it doesn’t help that all I can offer is a tentative excuse. I had thought of trying to pin it on a stricter IT policy but truth be told it was really more of sloth and sadness. 

I had left for Philadephia early February to try to be at my grandmother’s sickbed. It was a strange decision to go there on a day’s notice but if there was one thing that she had taught me, it was that family mattered above all things. I would not have wanted her to feel that I had prioritized minor deadlines over filial devotion and duty. 

As fate would have it, she passed away the hour I boarded the plane. With instructions honored at both ends of the world to not tell me any change in her condition until I arrived, I was spared my grief until I finally laid my overnight suitcase squarely at the doorstep of her empty bedroom. 

I stayed for a few days, to be with family and attend the prescribed rituals. I had hoped to surprise West even for a couple of hours but then light flurry turned to a thick blanket of snow the afternoon of her service and they simply would not hear of it. 

As I spent that afternoon playing in the snow with my cousins, I remembered that as a child we would speak to her over the phone on Christmas eve and she would always promise us that next time, we would finally have a white Christmas with her. That wish had remained unclaimed for so long but finally that afternoon, she had found a way to fulfill it.