I am again at Hans’ apartment in Seattle. Another year has come and gone ushering in another Memorial Day weekend. I went to Vancouver and Seattle last year. I am revisiting this region again this year on a much shorter trip (which is just for a long weekend instead of over 10 days.)

I just had a piggy plateful of pad Thai, spring rolls and red curry chicken from the Thai joint downstairs. (I love Uwajimaya!) After eating really healthy or lean this whole week (realizing that my diet consisted of bananas, chicken salad and cheese brioche since getting back from Manila), eating a meal as big as this is putting me into a haze.

But not that I need any more impetus to push me into a worse state of disorientation than I already am in. I didn’t sleep last night because I was so afraid that I would never wake up in time and would miss my 6 am flight out of LGA. I hung out with Tim (this guy I’ve been dating for over 2 months now — but more on him later) till really late. (We saw the overwhelmingly tedious Da Vinci Code at the Chelsea Queerview then, went for some Mexican fare and capped it off with the underwhelmingly tame Spunk’d party at Splash.) I took the lazy late F train back to Brooklyn Heights and only allowed myself a frantic half-hour to pack and run some chores before I left for Seattle. I was out cold during the 2 legs of the trip (to Chicago and then to Seattle) in an uncomfortable and cramped coach plane seat. Now that I am in Hans’ cozy apartment where there is a tatami bed with lots of pillows warmly framed by a bamboo mat, I can’t seem to rest well. (Hans, despite being a Caucasian boy who’s Minnesota-born-and-bred, has a strong taste for things Asian, if you get my drift.) I tried to doze off before but could never find myself to drift into a deep slumber. I was always fidgeting around to the hundred little things that I wanted to do yet never really needed to. The only thng I needed to do was sleep and I can’t seem to do it.

Of course, I guess I’m still jetlagged. Also, I am running on caffeine still.

Hans and I had a really good brunch at Crave, this little place on Capitol Hill that serves great comfort food. I was really delighted with my omelet of Canadian bacon, Braeburn apples, caramelized onion and peppers and Gorgonzoula cheese served wit a side of apple sausage. (Even their toast was as satisfying!) This whole ensemble was made complete by 2 cups of potent Umbria coffee. Between what I do and what I drink, I think I’m doomed to sleeplessness.

Then again, I really think it’s what I do that ultimately spells my doom.

In between bouts of half-sleep and half-hearted web surfing, I managed to arrange a hook-up while Hans was working. I went on to reliable Gay.com and picked up Mark, a 31-year-old engineer from Bellevue who was willing to drop by on his way home (to his boyfriend). I was horny and he was interested. There’s something really titillating about a discreet, chance encounter that makes such a hook-up even more charged with sexual tension. I was hoping Hans wouldn’t come home in time (and catch us although he did give me the wink and said i could do as I pleased) and Mark probably was hoping his boyfriend wouldn’t catch him in a hook-up chatroom. Mark was a Caucasian guy with a buff body and a monster cock. It was a good 8.5″ with a very big and thick mushroom head. (If dickilicious was anything, it would have been this.) I was being very careful about dirtying Hans’ sheets so we decided to make a big shower scene over it. It was really wet and very hot and it was over before I could even begin to remember how we started. Mark quickly zipped himself up and left. I still smelled the soap off his hair when I saw him off and caught the hunch of a back laden with, maybe guilt, or, maybe the what-if-I-didn’t-do-it questions that only get asked in hindsight.

In hindsight, I wasn’t regretting the hook-up at all. I maybe should have skipped the coffee over brunch and probably should have taken some Ambien after it. But the coffee was too good to be missed and the afternoon in a beautiful Northwestern city was too wide open for the possibilities to not be explored. I remain to live my life with no regrets.