The seasons hit you some days more than most. Today, summer is pounding on my door.

This is the first day of this year’s first heatwave. I have the Isley Brothers singing Summer Breeze on my IDock. My windows are open, letting in the cool morning breeze that the duo sing so passionately about. There is a bird perched on my fire escape, chirping a happy tune. A couple sits on the stoop below, enjoying their coffee. The brownstones built around are glowing, seemingly ablaze. Sunlight is creeping through my blinds (whose beige outlines quilt with the sky’s clear blue.) After days of dreary gray and rainy dark, this bright blue expanse is a welcome sight.

Saturday mornings are usually errand mornings — laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, balancing my checkbook. But this time, I’m feeling really lazy. It must be this perfect summer morning. The Isley Brothers may sound cheesy but they do sing true, “summer breeze makes me feel fine/ blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

Summers in NYC are usually awful with the city smelling like garbage burning on the streets. This morning paints me a different picture, reassuring and exceptional.