I think I found a tear in the time-space continuum today. Jason Mraz suddenly came on randomly on my itunes player while I was opening the blog and guess what played? Why, Summer Breeze of course!

Glad to hear that West’s summer has began in earnest. Ours has just passed and though I must say that a big part of me is relieved that the killer heat and stifling humidity have passed, I’m not a big fan of storms and flood either, unless of course it means that work gets suspended. 8 years after college, I would still be yearning for unexpected days spent doing what I want instead of what I ought to do. I’ve always found these unexpected breaks so much more pleasurable than the expected weekend.

In any case, I’m glad that I heard Jason Mraz today, he with his gritty lyrics about such mundane things as starbucks and love. His songs often border on tacky but somehow they pull back with just enough self loathing humor that it becomes redeeming. Now, why does that sound like my life all of a sudden?