Before the turn of the century, I had a brief stint in my hometown messing with impressionable minds. As it turned out, I would mess around with a co-worker as well. One thing led to another, and even if to this day I’d still hate myself for it, I moved back to Manila to be with him. We’ve both moved on to other people and other things but I’ve lived here ever since. 

Now a 28 year-old brand marketer for an off-Makati global company with just enough disposable income to harm my soul, I live to see the day when I finally reclaim the me that knew the faithfulness of the ordinary. Until then I will survive on world music, warm tea and the occasional moments of minor greatness. 


I am a 28-year-old gay male living in NYC.  I work as a fixed income analyst for a major securities trading firm.  I moved here in the late 90s and have remained since, hopefully, trying to make the most out of NYC as home.

I hopelessly try to keep my life simple in the midst of mundane urban excesses.  I enjoy the smell of black coffee on early Monday mornings and delight in the sight of a sliver of moon n clear city sky.  There is a quiet joy in the passionate appreciation of these seemingly plain yet powerful images.  I can only but begin to describe what makes me smile and offer, share them.  Life is meeting.



5 Responses to “About East, About West”

  1. West Says:

    Reality Check: It’s 2007 and I am now 29.

  2. Andy Says:

    i am a cast member of Matthew Passion and i MUST say THANK YOU!! you GOT IT! everything we were trying to do with our show, you saw and i can’t thank you enough for coming and enjoying it as you did! i was the sissy at the beginning and in the greek chorus throughout. your writing was spot on…again..thank you so very much. your presence was a blessing to all of us!

  3. West Says:

    thanks for dropping by. i luvd your play — your performance was a big part in making it enjoyable.

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  5. JT Says:

    I would like to use a quote from one of your articles in an upcoming publication. Can you please let me know how we can discuss this? Many thanks. (see reply email address)

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